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The Loan App offer:

Loan Amount: Ugx80,000 - Ugx 700,000

Loan Term: 91 - 365 days

APR : Minimum 7% to Maximum 180%


Loan amount: Ugx180000

Loan term: 120days

APR: 180%

Total service fee: Ugx180000* 180%/3 = Ugx 108,000.

The total amount must be paid: Ugx180000+Ugx180000* 180%/3=Ugx 288000

If you choose to make a one-time repayment, then you will make a one-time repayment of Ugx 288000 after 120 days.

If you choose to make monthly repayments, your monthly repayment amount will be Ugx 288000/4 = Ugx 72000

*Customers can choose different repayment terms according to the approved loan amount.

• grow with faircredit and raise your limit to Ugx 700,000 and pay on time

• you can pay in advance at any time without any penalty!